Type of talent

I. Considerate attitude toward colleagues
II. A proactive and communicative attitude in everything
III. Position to actively participate in change
IV. Open-mindedness and best service to customers


Company history


- SUSE Gold Partner 
- Nutanix ERA Database  Technology
  Cooperation Partner 
- Performance-Shared Enterprise
- Human Resources Development Small
  and Medium Business Certification


- Transfer of head office extension
- MariaDB Database Reseller 
- LGCNS OSS Business Partner  
- Mantech  PaaS Accordion Sales,
  Technology Cooperation Partner 
- Registration of technical cooperation
   partners in Kakao/Kakao Bank
   Database Division


- Percona Database  Reseller 
- DELL EMC T2 Partner
- Contract for KTDS OSS  Division's
  Technology Service Partner 
- Distributor Youngwoo Digital
  Cooperation Partner  
- Microsoft OSS Business Cloud
  Consulting Partner  
- SKNS SKT OSS Division Technology
  Service Subcontractor  


- Software business report  confirmation
- Transfer of head office extension
- Direct production verification of small
  and medium-sized  enterprises 
 (information system development part)  
- Distributor's DAU Technology 
  Cooperation Partner Registration and


- Establishment of Neoclova OSS
  Corporate Research Institute
- Certification and registration of venture
   companies (Technical Guarantee Fund)
- Transfer of extension of headquarters
- Korea Red Het Official Partner Company
  (RBP) Registration
- IBM Business Partner  
- Dongbu CNI Co., Ltd.'s OSS Service Sector
   Partner Registration


- Establishing Next Opensource Cloud
  Value, Inc.

Corporate Identity

NeoClova means, 'In the next generation, an open-source-based cloud environment aims for value'.
Symbol marks symbolize the new and powerful growth of sprouts by shaping the image of sprouts.

The buds open up and down means a company specializing in serving open source software, which will be the mainstay in the future.
Blue and green colors to express the feeling of giving trust and stability to customers.

Company Benefits

Support for stabilization of living

- Celebration money paid 
  on your birthday
- Holiday bonus payment
- Support for a variety of
  congratulatory and
  condolent vacations


- Enforcement of the five-
   day workweek.
- Annual leave, light leave,
  alternative work leave,
  maternity leave, 
  Enforcement of the
  Special Leave Scheme

Self-development support

- Online Training Support
- Support for educational
   expenses for obtaining
   certificates required for
   technology development.
- Support for in-house
   study group operations
- Support for job-related
  book purchases

Medical expenses system

- Support for
  comprehensive screening
  and shingles vaccination
   costs at the age of 50.
- Flu prevention (once a
   year) vaccination costs

Reward system

- Paid leave and monetary
  rewards to employees of
  five, ten, and fifteen years;
- Annual Outstanding
  Employee Rewards
  Enterprise incentive   
  payment based on   
  company performance

Other various expenses system

- Differential payment of
  communication fees by
- Late-night snacks and
  transportation support
  during the night shift
- Vehicle maintenance

Authentication status

Venture certification

Accreditation from the Institute of Enterprise

Software Provider

Performance sharing system authentication

Direct Production Verification Package Software Development and Supply Business

Public Procurement Service Pool Product Registration - Database Management Software

Public Procurement Service Pool Registration - Utility Software

Public Procurement Service Pool Product Registration - Software Maintenance and Support Service

Organization chart

Next Opensource Cloud Value


1583, Yangcheon-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  • OpenSource
  • Consulting
  • DBMon-Star