Container Integration Management ACCORDION

 Accordion is designed to optimize application delivery in a mixed infrastructure platform environment. It is a container integrated management solution based on Kubernetes.

Key Features and Outlines

The container integrated management solution 'Accordion' provides an operating environment for optimizing application delivery based on containers and kubernetes.
We are pursuing open systems that enable 24x7 serviceability and enable immediate resource expansion and recovery for requirements in a mixed platform environment.

Manage Application Deployment

- Easy container registration, deployment
  and management
- User Application Containerization
- Automated network settings

Automatic scaling and operations

- Automatically expand Instance based on
  CPU usage
- Auto-Scale IN/OUT
- Load balancing through built-in routers
  Dynamically place containers according
   to resource utilization


- System monitoring and APM, log search
  services, Proactive troubleshooting
  through alarm services and  Reliable
  service operations

Build and Consolidate Management

- Automate App Deployment Cycle with -
- Rollup upgrades provide uninterrupted
  service on deployment
- Rollback in seconds with one click


- Administrator dashboard to view the
  node with the accordion installed and   
  summary information of the generated
- Project Dashboard for checking system
  resources and information about projects
  to which you belong

Other than groups and users

- Assign permission by menu, assign
  group by user Tenancy
- Provides topology views

Manage application operations in any infrastructure environment with one "Accordion"

It's easy and convenient to deploy and operate applications even though you don't know the difficult and complex Kubernetes.

  • Application Operations Management All-in-One Solution
  • Easy Application Build/Deploy
  • Deliver application services non-disruptively
  • At-a-glance information required to run application

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