The only Graph DB AgensSQL in Korea

AgensSQL improves/stabilizes the open source DB engine and is required for Enterprise environments. Provide extended servers and operational/management tools.

Through PostgreSQL's source analysis technology and active communication and activities in the open-source community, AgensSQL will be incorporated with new Graph Database technology to gain market recognition and play a leading role in database technology.

Key Features and Outlines

AgensSQL consists of a DB server (PG12-based extension) and an Enterprise package (extension server, management/operation tools).
Through the improvement of open source PG Core, it improves functionality, performance, and stability as a commercial DBMS, continuously configures the system to operate normally without failure, and provides easy UX for operators.

Opensource DB Open Technology

- OpenSource Guaranteed and Validated 
   by AgensSQL providing extension 
- Object-oriented DB design: table
   inheritance, inherited table attribute
- Objects accessed by users and executed
   DDL and DML statements can be       
- Security of user privacy-related data

High Availability and Load Balancing

- HA High Availability Cluster with
  Heartbeat+BRBD system construction
- When the primary server fails, the
   standby server quickly switch to primary
   server to minimize downtime
- Using the Standby server as a read-only
   server Load distribution that was
   concentrated on the active server
- Adjust the Load Balancing Ratio on
   Cluster Configuration Servers
   allocation optimization

Integrated operational management

- Provide a convenient interface for     
   backup and recovery
- Real-time session monitoring and server
   CPU and memory provision of usage
- Query statistics required for performance
   analysis of performance queries
- Monitor and collect operating
   environment status and statistical data
- Script, SQL Job and scheduling
   management dedicated
   module provision

AgensSQL Package Product Overview

Reflects the technology and know-how accumulated through AgensGraph development, and improves/stabilizes PG engines by reinforcing developers from EDB.

  • Building an HA High Availability Cluster System with Heartbeat+BRBD
  • User UI Interface tool for convenient backup
  • Real-time session monitoring through the user UI screen
  • Distributed storage and operation of data with the same table schema in multiple databases

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