Datastax is the real-time data company

We help enterprises mobilize real-time data and quickly build the smart, high-scale applications required to become data-driven businesses. The DataStax Astra cloud service uniquely delivers the power of Apache Cassandra®—the world’s most scalable database—with the advanced Apache Pulsar™ streaming technology in a unified stack, available on any cloud.

All the Benefits of Apache Cassandra, with Peace of Mind

Provide the best NoSQL database to scale cloud and native NoSQL databases anytime, anywhere

Zero Downtime

Built on Apache Cassandra’s active-everywhere architecture for 24×7×365 availability.

Linear Scalability

Scale out to any number of nodes to keep up with the high demands of modern workloads.

High Performance

Blisteringly fast writes and reads to create “no waiting” customer experiences.

Cloud-Native Support

Support for K8ssandra, the cloud native open source Cassandra distribution for Kubernetes.

Data API Support

Support for accessing Cassandra using Document (JSON), REST, GraphQL, and gRPC APIs.

CDC Support

Create real-time pipeline into Cassandra, or from Cassandra to downstream systems such as search, analytics, or other Cassandra clusters.

We will explore future plans with open-source projects

Apache Cassandra™

NoSQL database of choice for 100% uptime and infinite, linear scale


An open source data gateway that sits between your app and your databases


A production-ready platform for running Apache Cassandra® on Kubernetes

Next Opensource Cloud Value


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