Supports a variety of Reliable redundancy configuration

We offer a wide range of experiences with Pacemaker, Session Cluster, and Sharding technologies used in open-source-based operating systems.

Redundancy and distributed processing delivery technology


Describes how to configure High Availability based on Linux facemaker. You can also configure other Linux bases that use Pacemaker.
t is used for service redundancy based on various DBMS such as S/4 HANA and Maxscale.

Session Cluster

WAS services can scale horizontally as trading volume increases using Jboss application clustering, and there is no limit to the vertical expansion of adding multiple instances to a single host, ensuring reliable performance improvements as a result of expansion.


It is a technology that allows data to be distributed across multiple servers to be stored and processed. Therefore, we apply both replication and sharding for high availability and high-volume distributed processing.

Redundancy and distributed technology

Linux-based production service redundancy configuration

Session Cluster Configuration Based on JBoss and Wildfly

Distributed processing based on MariaDB using Maxacle

MySQL-based Distributed Processing Technology Using MHA

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