DBMon-Star Checker Editon

This product has been developed by the NeoClova Co.,Ltd and its analyze current diagnosis status and tuning points of usage for DBMS such as MySQL, Percona Server for MySQL and MariaDB.

Checker Edition is

Provides status and guidelines for each setting item and tuning points to improve based on the setup of the open source database with log of configuration information.

Configuration Diagnostics

Provides guidance on current status and recommendations based on the data and setup files collected, and provides improvements to the status values of important items in the database operation.

Based on the collected data, the database provides status of critical items such as percentage, quota, hit rate, and utilization, while providing status results of Normal, Warning, and Critical

Performance Diagnostics

Provides a variety of metric information to optimize database performance

Provides database health checks and improvements based on offline acquired data and setup files

Key Features

Easy and simple with DB checker
Diagnose the database.

Based on years of know-how, we analyze parameter values, present recommended values, and express status information about performance items to find the cause of the problem and provide improvements.

Analyze registration logs to provide health and metric information – Performance diagnostics

It analyzes registered logs, provides status information for performance items separated by moderate, hazardous, and critical levels, and presents metric trend information for key performance items.

Analyze the set parameters and present the recommended values - Diagnose the settings

It is provided by comparing current settings and recommended values of the database in operation, and changing parameters to recommended values according to the status makes it easier to access performance and problems.

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